Monday, November 12, 2012

Just Two More Days

I love my Mamas!

Sunday, November 11th was our monthly Scribbles & Sips event at the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts. We had a good group—about 16 Mamas turned out to hear Rachel Sarah discuss the challenges of putting our loved ones on the printed page. We also snatched up copies of Rachel’s book Single Mom Seeking.

We also talk about our writing projects, the Indiegogo campaign, our December party. There are exciting events on the horizon—a writing retreat in January and possibly another one in June. Of course we have our monthly meetings. I’m still working on some kind of weekly practice for the group.

Last year this time we met in conference room at the back of bookstore and we had just gotten word that we’d need to find a new venue for meetings. And a new name. And a new website.

So we did. And here we are. Thirty members strong. We’ve got an online community through Big Tent, a Facebook page, a website. Three of our mamas went to the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. We read at Lit Crawl. We even have matching t-shirts.

And now we’re going to publish an anthology.

It’s not to late to donate to the cause. Our campaign doesn’t end until Tuesday at midnight. At that point, we’ll collect the funds we’ve earned and pay a percentage to Indiegogo. Last week a small press that was already familiar with some of our writers learned about our new project. We’ll be meeting soon to see how we might join forces.

It was a good year. And not over yet! What will December bring?

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