Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 28 Blog-off: NINE Days Left!

Nine days left? Eight days? I’m confused. This is the 28th day of the Blog-off of a campaign that’s only 35 days long with either nine or eight days to go. Somewhere, someone’s math is off.

Today’s Generous Soul post is an Open Apology to Cleo, my downstairs neighbor. Written in haiku, because I’m versatile like that (and I want to show that I can count a little bit.)

Dear Cleo,
We are so grateful
Five pairs of feet can be so loud
Even on tiptoe

We forget to help
You take out the trash for us
Every Tuesday night

When you go camping
We feed fresh food to your cats
Hoping to clear slate

And now you have twins
We wait to return favor
They are so quiet

With our used onesies
Maybe we can make amends
Thank you, The Kovacs

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