Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 7 Blog-off: Lit Crawl Report

Good News: We are $20 short of hitting the 10% mark!
Bad News: There were no “Generous Soul” donations* yesterday.

* These are donations from people I know. If I know you and you donate, I write a little blog post about you for the Blog Off.

This means that I have to write a post about something else.

Last night was Lit Crawl.

“Lit Crawl” is the final day of Litquake, San Francisco’s Literary Festival. The Festival proper is over 100 events spread out over nine days. There are events for kids at the library, teens. There’s even stuff for poets. We spend the entire year planning it.

Sometimes just called “the Crawl," Lit Crawl is 87 events spread out over 75 venues in the Mission and presented in 3 phrases. It’s like a carnival. The readings are in bars, bookstores, laundromats, boutiques, barbershops. Even an alley. Lit Crawl started in San Francisco by the Litquake folk and now we launched Lit Crawls in Manhattan (Sept), Brooklyn (last May), Austin, and new this year, Seattle. Next year there’s talk of starting Crawls in London and Mexico City. It’s crazy.

The Write On, Mamas! read in the Crawl last night. Our topic: Your Mom Had Sex. We had seven readers: six Mamas and our token Daddy. We handed out condoms with our website on them. We collected $$ for Litquake. We wore matching t-shirts (which you can buy here.)

And we read.

Marianne read about a fifth grader who fashions a penis out a macrame weaving in art class.

Claire read about finding lingerie for her “fuller figure.”

Paula talked about the time her eight-year-old phone Cialis to find out what to do if he had erections lasting longer than 4 hours.

Mindy revealed her marital indiscretions.

Steven gave us a peek into life with a 13-year-old son: “Dad, which is better—oral sex or anal sex? The sex-ed teacher wouldn’t tell us.

Dorothy talked about masturbation.

I read a story about a high-strung mother who keeps finding her daughter’s toys in compromising positions.

We killed.

This is the part where you are thinking to yourself, “Wow! These mamas should write a book together!”
Funny you should say that...

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