Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 11 Blog-off: Writing Tip

For those of you who see this link on the Facebook page and click from time to time, you know that the "Blog Off" is my walk-a-thon for my Write On, Mamas writing group. We've got an Indiegogo campaign in the works (click here! to find out more!) to self-publish a collection of our work. I've pledged to write on blog post a day for the 35 days of the campaign. When someone I know has donated, I write a "Generous Souls" post. And then I cross-post what I've written on my podtales blog and on a couple of other social-networking sites. Today I started posting my content on the Write On, Mamas site.

Today’s post is a writing tip for moms (or anybody).

You don’t have to write everyday in order to be a writer.

I did not think this up. It came from Kate Hopper. When she came to speak to the Write On, Mamas she said, “To say that you have to write everyday to be a writer! That’s ridiculous!”

And the whole room sighed with relief. Kate sat there and beamed at us, knowing that she had just bestowed some great Mama Wisdom.

Of course I feel better and get more done when I have an established routine. But there are kids to clothe and feed, laundry to wash and fold, groceries to buy and cook. Homework to supervise. We have to play “the Lion and the Kitty Cat” (Wagner’s favorite game) and we have to wipe down toilet seats (Michael’s favorite game) and some days writing just doesn’t happen.

So there.

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