Sunday, January 8, 2012


Wagner Lee Bryan Kovac gets his first name from Matt’s mother’s maiden name. His middle name is my father’s middle name (Lee) and “Bryan” is my maiden name.

In the hospital, Wagner often the “easy-going” one. When we got back from the hospital, he was that times ten. Most of our pictures of Michael and Wagner look like this one, with Michael playing the role of the imp and Wagner being the other guy.

Or this one:

Or this one:

Even when the boys were in the hospital, Mikey was the guy with the grin.

But lil’ Wagner is shaping up to be quite a character, much like his great-grandpa, Matthias Wagner.

(Matthias Wagner had all kinds of tales. One of them involved a Coke bottle and a horse. That’s all I’ll say.)

Here’s some of the peculiar things that Wagner Lee is known for these days.

He is very particular about his clothes. He prefers to wear diggers, dinosaurs, alligators, or penguins and will turn beet red when he does not get to wear the outfit of his choice. Sometimes you can actually see steam come out of his ears.

He loves to eat and often makes meal requests. “Ham?” is a favorite request. Partially because “ham” is easy to say and partially because he really likes ham. Other favorite requests are “hot dot” and “ice cream.”

He likes to dance, as captured on video here (dancing starts at about 1 minute)

And here: when the boys were much shorter:

He likes to play peek-a-boo with his penis. Yes, you read that correctly. Michael likes to sit on the potty because he is still working out the mystery of how poo gets in there. But Wagner likes to sit on the potty so he can lift his wee member over the pee guard and say, “Peek-boo!” before hiding it again. It’s hard not to encourage him with laughter. I do my best.

Nobody told me that having kids would be like this.

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