Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Daughter is Gone - Woo Hoo!

Our daughter is gone for ten days. Nonna took her to Texas last Friday and will bring her back next Monday. I’m sure I’ll miss her eventually, but it’s been heaven so far. Mornings are completely without drama (unless you count the boys clinging to my legs when I drop them off at daycare—something that never happens when Chiara is there to play with them).

Bedtime for the boys is 7:15 and then Matt and I have the rest of our nights to ourselves. Last night Matt went to the daycare board meeting (during which they watch your kids AND feed them dinner) while I got sushi to go. When he and the boys got home, we put them right to bed and ate makimono by candlelight. It felt like a date night. (And then he stayed up for another four hours studying)

Meanwhile Chiara is doing puzzles and playing games and giving ballet performances. Tomorrow she will fly to Austin with my dad & stepmom to visit Jackie, Jeff, Liz, Maria, & David. Sunday she flies back to EP. Monday she flies home.

It’s true that it’s quieter (and cleaner) without the force of nature that is Chiara Noelle, just as life is always quieter and cleaner without little people around. But quieter and cleaner doesn’t mean better. After all, laughter and singing always trump quiet. It’s hard to remember what merits messes may have, though. Perhaps they are just the byproducts of playing just like krypton is a byproduct of uranium extraction.

At any rate, quiet and clean is nice and refreshing for the moment. Pretty soon “quiet and clean” will become “dull” and by that time Chiara will be on a plane back to visit us.

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  1. I was so glad that Chiara was A-O.K. being away from home and I didn't have to take her back in 24 hours. She is creative, happy, eats whatever is on her plate (that simplifies a great deal, and is very imaginative. She loved going wherever we went (even to the grocery store), and missed her home (parents) at bedtime. I am so glad her parents allowed her to visit us. Thank you!