Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Speech Delays Update

Here’s the update on the boys’ speech delays. They are talking up a storm!

Wagner has a few signs: “hi,” “bye,” “eat,” drink,” “more,” “want it,” and “please.” Michael has several signs, too, but has added his own interpretation to them. The signs themselves are the standard gestures for “eat,” “drink,” “more,” “help,” and “want it,” but they are used interchangeably, regardless of context, to mean, “Do that thing I want.” Which means that sometimes he uses the “eat” gesture to mean, “help” or the “more” gesture to mean, “put my shoes on and take me outside. SNAPPO!”

But he has more words than Wagner. They are:
bye (pronounced “buh”)
ball (pronounced “bah”)
up (pronounced “bup”)
banana (“bah”)
apple (“bup”)
pumpkin” (“bah”)
socks (“bah”)
jacket (“buh”)
teeth (“buh”)
blanket (“bahh!”)
Mama (pronounced “mama”)
Baby Mum-mums – the best baby treat EVER because it melts in your mouth, not in your hands (also—sigh—pronounced “mama”)
and hat (“baah” – it’s a little different with the long Danish “a”)

He also has some phrases:
• “Bah?” (followed by a smile where he bears his teeth and flutters his eyes)
Translation:  May I have some of your delicious Frosted Flakes?
• “Baaaaaaa!” (accompanied with the stomping of feet and the waving of hands)
Translation: What is WRONG with you?
• “Baah!” (emphasis on the first “a”)
Translation: Kiss me again.
• “Bah?” (cocks head and smiles bravely, not as fake as his “feed me” smile but not as sincere as his “kiss me” smile)
Translation: Let’s go to the park! (this is often followed by “Baaaaaaa!” and stomping and waving)
• “Baaa-AA-aaaa!” similar to What is wrong with you? But the extra syllable changes the meaning slightly to: I hate you! You're the worst mother ever! You have ruined my life!
And finally
• “Bah!”
Will you read me this book, please?

In short, Michael has several signs that all have the same meaning and one sound that means several different things.

And of course, they talk to each other all the time. Completely unintelligible conversations that only they understand.


  1. Great translations of your boys' language. They must appreciate that you get their drift.
    We also love these videos! David watched the bottom one at least ten times last night and then kept saying "I want to see Uncle Matt again!"

  2. Ah, these videos make me smile! They are seriously having some dialogue together. Sweet!