Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just Another Ambulance Ride

I love buried leads. They’re so exciting to me.

SO – biggest disappointment of the day. There were two. One was a book we bought at the bookstore: The Name of This Book is Secret. Which is just a disappointment because it’s waaaaaaaaaaay over Chiara’s head. We just finished The BFG by Roald Dahl (I’d never heard of it, either) and before that we’d read James and the Giant Peach and Chiara’s really into chapter books now. Regarding the Name of This Book..let’s just say that I agree with the review from, in an average review, criticized the similarity to Handler by saying "Apparently trying to take a leaf from Lemony Snicket's books, he gives incessant warning about how dangerous it is to read this book; this, combined with the utter lack of anything that justifies the build-up, comes across as lame at best and annoying at worst."

Chiara didn’t like the book, either. We decided to shelve it and read ABC Peas instead.

The other disappointment today was not being able to see the ending of this teeny-bop movie on the Disney channel. It’s about auditioning for Twinkletown, the musical. There’s a mean, blonde Nellie Olsen-type named “Sharpay” and a sweet underdog protagonist, Gabrielle Montez (apparently “Latina” is the new “smart brunette”). I’m pretty sure I knew what was going to happen with callbacks. Although right when the RN called us out of triage, the basketball teams was trying to convince Troy Bolton to play in the champion basketball game instead of showing up for the audition.

I wanted to go back the ER waiting room to see the end of it, but Wagner was really wailing and by the time he fell asleep, he was twenty minutes into his IV feed, so we were kinda stuck in our room until the blood tests came back. And of course, by the time the doctor cleared us for discharge, the show was over. I guess I can be grateful that I didn’t drive to Children’s Hospital; if I had, I would have missed the beginning of the show. That ambulance showed up 3 minutes after the 911call. Such efficiency.

It was a very surreal day. Five hours at the hospital because Wagner had a fever of 105 degrees and the anxiety I felt was because a) I couldn’t update Matt; there was no cell phone reception and b) I was missing the undoubtedly climatic ending of "High School Musical."

I guess this is what too much hospital life does to you.


  1. Sounds as if you had your own fireworks. Glad W. is back to his ole' cute self. How neat that you were able to practice Cog.Sci. concepts.

  2. Holy moly! That sounds like quite a roller coaster ride! Is everything back to normal now?