Monday, November 1, 2010

A Prayer for M & M

A Prayer for M & M

I know they must wake up each morning with their questions
I pray that their questions become their quest
That the quest opens their eyes to new possibilities and new assurances

I pray that from this comes new encouragement and strengthened resolve

I pray that they bask in the love that is sent from all over,
from our hearts and minds through our keyboards and cell phones

This is what we share together
This is what we own
This is what we give to others

And in turn, this love feeds back into the quest—for each of us

Like sunshine
Or a dancing tree

Prompting us to connect
Inspiring us to nourish our souls
Encouraging us to have faith in our faith
Embracing the whole enchilada

And again, feeding back into the cycle of loving and living and learning


© 2010 Janine Kovac

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