Saturday, November 6, 2010

A NICU Visit

Today we had our six month follow up appointment with the NICU.  Technically the boys are six months and two-thirds (adjusted) and they are right on track.  They are transferring objects from one hand to another.  Their fine motor skills (scoop and hold) are just what we should expect from 6 2/3 month olds.  They can sit unassisted and rock back and forth on all fours.  They are very social, almost too social to be able to do some of the testing (they paid attention to the doctor doing the testing instead of the test they were supposed to do). 

Their one “fail” was that they don’t attend well to ambient noise.  That means that if there’s a sudden noise, the boys don’t turn to see what it was.  This isn’t uncommon in preemies, as they are used to tuning out noises that they don’t think are important.  It’s something we’ve got to “work on.”  (When we got home, Matt dropped a book behind the boys.  They didn’t flinch.  Then Michael burst into tears and cried for ten minutes.  So I guess that’s good?)

OH - and Michael is CRAWLING.  He's getting to be quite the fidgeter, too.  I think I might have to look for a changing table with a five-point harness.  Wagner just sits there, content to just play with whatever's in front of him.  He'll sit there for an hour, while Michael (literally) crawls circles around him.

Here are some of the latest pics.


Michael (& Matt & Chiara)

Wagner (& Chiara)


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