Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thinking Back

Don’t tell me that things happen for a reason.
Don’t tell me it’s awful.
Don’t turn ashen. Don’t let your jaw drop. Don’t ask how I’m “handling it.”
Don’t tell me it’s a rollercoaster.
Don’t tell me that God has a plan.

Be like Ang, who showed up on my doorstep with a bag of a trail mix and a couple of baby blankets.
Be like Fionnuala, who held her godson and said, “He’s beautiful.”
Be like my mom who said, “How long do you want me to stay for?”
Be like my friend Jennifer who said,  "I'll watch Chiara for the afternoon while you rest."
Be like a Jennifer I barely knew who said, “Let me give you a free massage.”
Be like my neighbor who lied and said, “I made too much lasagna for dinner. Would you like a tray?”
Be like Dr. Sandhu, who wears a cloak of calm.
Be like my husband’s boss who said, “Take as much time as you need.” And she meant it.

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