Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Letter

Here’s the letter that went with the handmade card by kids in Ohio that came with the package that was bought by loving and generous friends and family members who offered some of their reasons for giving.

My name is Janine Kovac. I live in Oakland, California. Last year I spent Christmas and New Year’s in the hospital. I was pregnant with twin boys who were due in April but were born in December instead. The boys spent the next three months in the hospital and my husband and I spent those three months at their bedside.

We had the support of so many of our friends and family, not to mention the support of the wonderful doctors and nurses at our hospital. They saw us through our journey.

Now it is our turn to give back.

Together with one of our nieces, we started “The Michael and Wagner Kovac Christmas Gift Drive,” named after my sons and inaugurated in honor of their grandfather, who is a patient here at Moffitt. Our drive benefits the 5th Floor, North side: patients, families of patients, and doctors and nurses on the 5th Floor. We raised over $1500 from friends and family all over the country: Minnesota, Texas, San Francisco, Chicago, Columbus, Albuquerque, even Italy!

We give because we know what it’s like to be in the hospital during the holidays and we know that even the smallest gesture of goodwill can make a difference.

Here are some of the reasons our friends and family chose to give:

We gave because everyone deserves some holiday cheer!!
Marian Kramer & Eric Sampson
(Marian raised $4000 this summer for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team in Training)

There is so little in life we can control, we can contribute by giving
All the best,
Mims Mathers

We gave because
...everyone deserves fuzzy socks at Christmas! dad is a cancer survivor! So is my aunt! So is my mother-in-law!
-San Francisco mom!

We gave because we are grateful to our community and want to extend it across the country.
In the hopes of bringing you some warmth and smiles,
Daughter of a two-time breast cancer survivor and parents of a brand new baby boy

1) I'm a breast cancer survivor
2) I believe in the power of praying and sharing
and last but not least
3) "It's not the strongest or the smartest of the species that survives, but the ones who can best adapt to change." (Charles Darwin)
Love and Hugs, Aunt Norma

We gave because we know that God doesn't always get us out of something happening in our lives, but He always takes us through everything so that we will always have Hope. Then we can be there for someone else who needs to know he/she will be able to face tomorrow.
Sister of a breast cancer survivor, stomach cancer survivor, and liver cancer survivor.

We gave because we know from experience what it feels like to spend time in the hospital.
Because we know all too well that it is even a little bit more challenging when it is the Holiday Season.
And because we know how "random" acts of friendliness from strangers during these difficult times really cheered us up.
Kathalijn, Jesse and Loki Reynolds

We wanted to donate to support our granddaughter Gen and also for the recovery of our daughter-in-law’s father, a Moffitt patient.
Norma and Wally, Ohio

We gave because…
… because our son, Matt, ran in a Moffitt race last year and had a great time
… because my favorite aunt’s a 2x cancer survivor
… because my niece is a cancer survivor too (but I can't say 'favorite' because her sisters would know!)
… because little things mean so much at Christmas
… because this year, we can afford to give, and in past years we couldn't (yea!)
Someone from the Columbus, Ohio Family

I did it!! This is such a wonderful thing to do!!!!!
Jan, 2 time lymphoma survivor

… because I love my father-in-law
… because my friend’s a cancer survivor—had chemo & surgery and is still just as healthy, strong, and fiery ten years later
… because I wanted to support my niece
… because cancer runs in my family
… because I spent Christmas in the hospital last year
Janine Kovac, Oakland

From our hearts and minds to your toes and feet!
Merry Christmas

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