Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

*** The twins are doing great. ***

Today is Chiara’s birthday.  Saturday is her party.  She has been to two birthday parties this year and has specific ideas about what her party should have.  For one, it should have balloons and party hats and a piñata.  And the piñata should be cow-shaped.

I have no idea where she got this, (since neither of the previous piñatas were cows), but she was very firm.  Had to be a cow.  As luck would have it, they do make cow piñatas and we found one at the second store we went to.

Chiara loves her cow.  It’s almost as big as she is, but that didn’t stop her from dragging it from room to room as soon as we got home.  She introduced it to her other—much smaller—farm animals.  She read it a story.  She named it Mike.  Mike the Cow.

Uh-oh.  What was going to happen on Saturday Mike the Cow gets strung up by the ears and has her udder bashed in with a baseball bat by nine screaming three year olds?

“Honey, do you know what will happen to Mike the Cow at your party?”

Chiara knit her eyebrows, made a frowny face and a stabbing motion. 

“WE’RE GONNA HIT, HIT, HIT MIKE THE COW!” she exclaimed.  And then she turned to Mike the Cow and starting reading Harold and Purple Crayon to it/him/her.

Well.  At least she’s clear on the concept.


  1. Happy (belated) birthday, Chiara! Now, here's a tough question--what on earth will you fill Mike the Cow with??

  2. Answer: toys and candy that double as choking hazards. You can only hold out for so long.

  3. Hello Janine/Matt,

    Happy Belated Birthday Chiara! 3 years does go by fast!! Amazing how time flies. Charlie used to like to keep the pieces of the pinatas after they were busted up. For awhile there we had a spider man head, a batman body, a leg here, and an arm there of various other super heroes.

    That is a great picture of Mike the Cow!

    take care- you have a beautiful family!

  4. It always works out, the Pinata that is.... But I never have heard of one named. I love it. Prayers for you and your wonderful family. Love you. Aunt Lulu.

  5. lol! thanks for posting.
    jimmy v

  6. It really doesn't work as well to fill it with rice cakes and flash cards. They revolt.