Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Doctors & Nurses Part II

Doctors & Nurses Part II

We call the head of the perinatal practice “Dr. Lyle,” after my high school geometry teacher, because he looks like Mr. Lyle, although Mr. Lyle was not the sharpest tool n the shed and you get the feeling that Dr. Lyle is.  But they’re both big and lumbering and they put you at ease: Mr. Lyle because you knew he’d give you an A (unless you were a boy; boys had to show their work); Dr. Lyle because he says things like, “I think you’re gonna be fine.  In fact, you can go home today if you want.”

He also said things like “In my experience, bedrest makes people depressed,” and “I think 24/7 monitoring at this stage is overkill.”

“Dr. Whipple” was the next doctor we saw.  He’s the first doctor we met, the one who’s looking to get us to the 34 – 36 week range.  This is the guy that delivered his first pair of mono-mono twins on his birthday twenty years ago.  He also has twins of his own, four years old, who were born at 34 weeks.  Dr. Whipple recommended something in the middle: stay on this side of the Labor and Delivery ward in my comfy little private room until week 28, just to see how my insufficient cervix is holding up.  Maybe I’d go home after that; we’d see.  We’ll continue bio-physical profiles three times a week and still monitor the twins via ultrasound twice a day.  And then he revoked my walking privileges. 

So Dr. Whipple’s our man.  He’ll write up a plan and the other doctors will follow it. 

Week 28 is January 17 – so that’s the date we’re looking at for a possible return home.

This is a short post so I thought I might include some of the requests I’ve had for blog material.  They are: a haiku, FOML, and a Bryan family movie quote.  Actually, the requests were for a haiku, FOML reference and movie quote for every post, and no guarantees on that one, but here’s a start:

The fruit of Matt’s loins
Are now in week twenty-five
Yea!  My heart is glad

I’ll have to pass on the movie quote.  I can’t think of anything remotely contextual except for: “I’ll have the California health plate.  No dairy in that, eh?”

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  1. Can I assume FOML is "fruit of my loins"? I am glad Dr. Whipple is back in the picture with wise counsel.

  2. Yes - FOML is "Fruit of Matt's Loins" special request by Maria, my cousin-in-law